Facebook edges out Twitter as teen favourite

Facebook logo

Facebook has edged out Twitter as the social network of choice in a recent survey of 7,700 teens across the U.S. The teenagers in the survey, conducted by analyst firm Piper Jaffray, were asked to rank social networks in order of preference, from 1 to 3. Alternatives to Facebook included Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn. Facebook was the first choice for 3,280 of the … [Read more...]

Unlock the 007 in you – Fantastic viral video from Coke Zero

Coke Zero 007 ad

Coke Zero recently teamed up with the James Bond franchise to tease the film series’ next movie by orchestrating an elaborate stunt for unsuspecting train passengers to win exclusive tickets to see Skyfall, the 23rd installment in the 007 saga. The stunt challenged people to race to a certain platform within 70 seconds, all the while dodging human obstacles throughout the busy train station. The … [Read more...]

21 Rules for effective Social Media Marketing

21social media marketing tips infographic

Social media for many organisations is a place where many things can and do go wrong.  This places an enormous amount of value in making sure your guidelines are set correctly. While some people are uncomfortable with strict rules on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, there are some things that you really have to do to ensure your posts are effective. It's important that you position … [Read more...]

Search engine optimisation is better than advertising

SEO better than ads graphic

A recent study by Hubspot reported that inbound marketing (content marketing and search engine optimisation) costs 60% less per lead than traditional outbound marketing like paid advertising. You are in a stronger position to influence the people who perform a search in Google and find your website as a result of search engine optimisation, than the people who see your paid advertisement. As we … [Read more...]

Why having a content marketing strategy is important

Brand Content Creation

If you’re only recently getting on board the “content bandwagon” don’t worry, you’re not the only one. While there are many ways of improvising a content strategy to fit your organisations needs, the focus should be on creating quality branded content to attract new people to your brand and to keep them interested long enough to make a 'purchase'. When it comes to quality content marketing, the … [Read more...]

Simple steps to identify a great marketing consultant

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These simple steps will teach you how to quickly figure out who is a great marketing consultant and who you should steer clear of. 1. They are qualified Your marketing consultant should at least have a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing or a related field such as communication or business. Marketing and communications methods have drastically changed over the last five years and with the ever … [Read more...]

You will never guess what this ad is for!

Cancer Research UK ad | Irene Watt | Marketing Consultant | Brisbane | Australia

I recently came across this wonderful ad on YouTube.  This ad is brilliant and is a very effective way for the company to get their message across. It's plain really! … [Read more...]