Search engine optimisation is better than advertising

A recent study by Hubspot reported that inbound marketing (content marketing and search engine optimisation) costs 60% less per lead than traditional outbound marketing like paid advertising.

You are in a stronger position to influence the people who perform a search in Google and find your website as a result of search engine optimisation, than the people who see your paid advertisement.

As we have  seen in recent months the print media business here in Australia, and around the world for that matter, is starting to wither and will eventually die out due to our ever increasing digital and online media consumption.

But what else can influence a potential customer’s decision to click?


People don’t trust search engine ads or paid ads on social networking sites.  They instead put more trust into the organic search results from search engine optimisation.  Ask yourself, when you do a search online, do you look for the top results? I’m not saying that Pay Per Click (PPC) doesn’t work, it definitely has it’s place in a well-rounded marketing plan, it’s just that you are more likely to get that click through with a high website ranking on Google.


Your website will only appear in the first page of search listings if its relevant to the keyword they have put into the search bar.


When you create unique and appealing content as part of your content marketing strategy, your online visitors will look forward to receiving and reading your marketing messages.

Unlike advertising costs, search engine optimisation is an investment that will last over time. Long after your paid newspaper advertisement and your direct mail campaign is in the recycling bin, your search engine optimised online assets will still be there, working  hard to grow your web traffic and your customer base.



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